Modular Operation Theaters

We are Introducing “Total Turnkey Solution” for better clean room environment system. Having well trained with hands of experience and thorough knowledge about the latest technology guidelines of ASHRAE, WHO, USFDA & cGMP in Clean room Systems, we are highly capable in executing the projects to perfection as per the guidelines and schedules.

We are all set with our products services for the pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Hospitals, R&D Laboratories, Medical Devices, Electronics, Engineering, Food Processing, Cold storage rooms, HVAC Mechanical Systems and other critical manufacturing environments in which contaminants restriction is critical.

  • The room walls are formed by Stainless Sheet, Glass or Impact prefabricated panels with a coat of antibacterial paint.
  • The outer shell panels can maintain a controlled internal environment suitable for various surgeries, not affected by the outer conditions.
  • Central Filtration System effectively generates Laminar flow with unique air flow technology to remove infection and other contamination in desired area.